# Remove Lambda Expression Braces

# Description

If the body of the lambda statement contains only a single expression, the braces are optional. It can be reduced to a lambda expression.

This is comparable to if-statements or loops with a single expression inside their body, where braces are also optional.

# Benefits

This rule provides an easier-to read alternative to filter items in a list.

# Tags

# Code Changes


public Function<Function, Function> f = (Function function) -> {
    return function.compose(function);


public Function<Function, Function> f = (Function function) -> function.compose(function);

You Want To Have Those Changes Done Automatically?

The automatic application of this rule is supported in the following jSparrow version:

# Properties

Property Value
Rule ID StatementLambdaToExpression
First seen in jSparrow version 2.0.0
Minimum Java version 8
Remediation cost 5 min