# Remove Explicit Type Argument

# Description

Since Java 7 the Diamond Operator (opens new window) (<>) can be used to simplify instance creation where generics are involved.

# Benefits

Applying this rule reduces clutter and improves readability.

# Tags

# Code Changes

# Type arguments on new instance creations


Map<String, List<String>> myMap = new HashMap<String, List<String>>();


Map<String, List<String>> myMap = new HashMap<>();

# Type arguments on method invocation parameters


// Requires Java 8
List<GenericSample> result = foo.genericMethod(new ArrayList<GenericSample>(), input);


// Requires Java 8
List<GenericSample> result = foo.genericMethod(new ArrayList<>(), input);

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# Properties

Property Value
Rule ID DiamondOperator
First seen in jSparrow version 1.0.0
Minimum Java version 7
Remediation cost 1 min