# Replace Map::get by Map::getOrDefault

# Description

Java 8 introduced Map::getOrDefault (opens new window) which offers the possibility to return a default value if the map does not contain a mapping for the given key. This rule replaces the invocations of Map::get followed by a null-check with Map::getOrDefault.

# Benefits

Makes the code more readable, by using Java 8 extensions of Map interface.

# Tags

# Code Changes


String value = concurrentHashMap.get(key);
if(value == null) {
    value = defaultValue;


String value = concurrentHashMap.getOrDefault(key, defaultValue);

# Limitations

The rule applies only on map implementations that do not allow null values, namely:

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# Properties

Property Value
Rule ID MapGetOrDefault
First seen in jSparrow version 3.5.0
Minimum Java version 8
Remediation cost 2 min