# What is jSparrow?

jSparrow is an IDE extension for refactoring Java code with a rule-based approach, powered by the Eclipse Java compiler. A jSparrow rule is a definition of many small composed refactoring steps performed by the plug-in; one rule, when selected, can by itself refactor a very specific area within your system-wide code.

Additionally jSparrow now also offers markers that will allow you live and in-depth guidance towards best practice java while you are programming.

Refactor your Java code. Improve the code quality. Apply the latest Java features.

jSparrow is in active development and there are new rules released regularly. The latest changes are always linked in the Latest Release Notes!

# Install jSparrow

To install jSparrow for Eclipse IDE please visit Eclipse Marketplace (opens new window) in your browser or in your IDE directly.

One tool, four platforms:

jSparrow is a plugin for Eclipse IDE, Maven, and GitHub. However, jSparrow for Maven and GitHub is currently only available through contacting us. You’ll work tightly with one of our inhouse-developers because of potential library restrictions. Additionally, we are currently working on introducing jSparrow to Visual Studio Code.

# Latest Release Notes

From now on our 20 free rules and additionally our markers are available without any registration. Check out the release notes for jSparrow 4.16.0.

# How to reach us?

Do you have questions, want to report a bug, or want to see a feature implemented?
Contact us at: support@jsparrow.io or through our contact form (opens new window)

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