jSparrow is a tool that refactors Java code for you, powered by the Eclipse Java compiler.

Based on a set of rules you can decide which improvements should be applied to your code base. These rules range from removing code smells to the introduction of lambda functionals.

One of the latest additions is the usage of the var keyword for local variables to minimize the boilerplate code and increase readability.

You can execute it as part of your development process as an Eclipse IDE plugin or integrate it seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline as a Maven plugin.

Refactor your Java code. Improve the code quality. Apply the latest Java features.

One tool three platforms:

The Latest New Features

We released two new rules for jSparrow! Check out the release notes for jSparrow 3.8.0 and the jSparrow Maven plugin 2.5.0!

Statistical Data

Our latest measurements of open source available test projects can be found at Github App statistics.

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