# What is jSparrow?

jSparrow is a tool that refactors Java code for you, powered by the Eclipse Java compiler.

Based on a set of rules you can decide which improvements should be applied to your code base. These rules include removing code smells, introducing lambda expressions, adding proper logging, and many many more. See also our Rules page for more information!

jSparrow is in active development and there are new rules released regularly. The latest changes are always linked in The Latest New Features!

When it comes to refactoring, it is always important to have a measurable result. This is why we analyzed 50+ open source projects and Jenkins source code with jSparrow. The results are shown in the corresponding links.

You can use jSparrow as part of your development process in the Eclipse IDE or integrate it seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline as a Maven plugin.

Refactor your Java code. Improve the code quality. Apply the latest Java features.

One tool three platforms:

# The Latest New Features

We fixed the issues for the usage of jSparrow on eclipse 2022-12. Check out the release notes for jSparrow 4.14.1.

# Where to find jSparrow?

Have a look at our homepage at: jSparrow.io (opens new window)
Compare jSparrow versions at: Get jSparrow: The automatic Java code refactoring plugin (opens new window)

# How to reach us?

Do you have questions, want to report a bug, or want to see a feature implemented?
Contact us at: support@jsparrow.io