# Release Notes

Here you will find the latest information about releases of the jSparrow Maven plugin.

# 2.14.0 20.05.2020

Another security rule is shipped with release 2.14.0 of the jSparrow Maven Plugin:

# 2.13.0 16.04.2020

A new rule is shipped with release 2.13.0 of the jSparrow Maven Plugin:

# 2.12.0 19.03.2020

Three new rules are shipped with release 2.12.0 of the jSparrow Maven Plugin:

# 2.11.0 20.02.2020

A new rule is shipped with release 2.11.0 of the jSparrow Maven Plugin:

# 2.10.0 30.01.2020

Release 2.10.0 of the jSparrow Maven Plugin contains a new rule:

# 2.9.0 19.12.2019

Release 2.9.0 adds a new rule to the jSparrow Maven Plugin:

# 2.8.0 21.11.2019

Release 2.8.0 brings a new rule to the jSparrow Maven Plugin:

# 2.7.0 31.10.2019

Release 2.7.0 intorduces a new rule:

# 2.6.0 19.09.2019

Release 2.6.0 provides a new rule:

# 2.5.0 14.08.2019

Release 2.5.0 of the jSparrow Maven Plugin contains two new rules:

# 2.4.0 18.07.2019

The jSparrow Maven Plugin 2.4.0 introduces two new rules for Java 9 and above:

# 2.3.0 19.06.2019

The jSparrow Maven Plugin 2.3.0 introduces two new rules:

# 2.2.0 16.05.2019

This release provides a new rule:

# 2.1.0 18.04.2019

The jSparrow Maven Plugin release 2.1.0 includes:

# 2.0.1 03.04.2019

This version adds proxy support for the jSparrow Maven plugin. See Setup Proxy for more information.

# 2.0.0 28.03.2019

Version 2.0.0 brings a lot of new rules, better performance and a lot of general improvements.

# New Ruleset

This release contains 55 automatic refactoring rules:

# Performance Improvements

  • By using an improved dependency mechanism the start time of the jSparrow Maven plugin has been improved significantly.

# Java 11 Support

  • The jSparrow Maven plugin can now be executed with a Maven version using Java 11.

# Usability and General Improvements

  • A help mojo has been added.
  • The YAML parsing has been improved in regards to functionality and user feedback (e.g., warnings for non-existing packages or classes).
  • Error messages have been improved.

# Source and Module Discovery

The Maven module handling has been improved.

  • Maven modules defined in profiles can now be located.
  • Non-default source folders can now be used (e.g., folders not following the src/main/java schema).
  • Supported packaging types are now jar and war.

# Installation

Have a look at the installation instructions for more information!

# 1.0.0 25.06.2018

This version contains all the features and all the rules of the jSparrow Eclipse plugin 2.5.0 except Organize Imports, System Out To Logging, and Rename Fields.

The download can be found at jSparrow Maven plugin