Please Note!

This part of the documentation is out of date. The GitHub App Beta has ended.
Further information about the jSparrow Cloud App will be coming soon.
Statistics are available at a new location.

# Getting started

# Introduction

The jSparrow GitHub App (JGA) is the integration of jSparrow's refactorings as part of a GitHub app.

It is a continuous integration tool, integrated in your build pipeline and used to apply automatic refactorings. The JGA supplies similar rules as the jSparrow Eclipse plugin, but works without user input and is started automatically on every creation of a pull request.

jSparrow automates by..

  • ..taking care of formatting and minimizing code smells
  • ..transforming old language constructs to new language constructs
  • ..using more efficient constructs thus improving performance

The idea to develop jSparrow for GitHub was to create a tool that improves the code quality automatically during the review process. Whenever a developer using jSparrow creates a pull request, jSparrow is started and a commit to the pull request with code improvement is created automatically. If the reviewer confirms the pull request, the modifications jSparrow is proposing are merged into the branch.